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Wedding videos suck!

Know someone who shelled out a fortune for a wedding video more wobbly than Aunt Marge after two glasses of bubbly? Endless slow-mo shots that make you wonder if you accidentally hit the slow-motion button? And oh, the music! The same tunes that you swear were the soundtrack to your friends' weddings. It's like déjà vu with a side of 'meh.' Watched it once and thought, 'This is not going in the family group chat!' Let's face it: some wedding videos are just a snooze-fest. But guess what? It doesn't have to be that way!


  • Tired of the wedding video roulette?

  • Wondering why everything looks like a shaky outtake from a soap opera?

  • And why do the awesome ones cost as much as a small yacht? 


We totally get it!

Destination Wedding Photography

Words from our happy couples!


My husband and I are so grateful for deciding to have a wedding video, even despite our small COVID19 wedding. We teetered back and forth with the idea and we are so happy we went forward with it. Ian, Rob and the entire team at Toy Box Studios are truly phenomenal people. And their work isn't any less. My family and I watch our video weekly! It is something we will treasure forever, and something that will always be shared with our families and friends for years to come. Their team captures your DAY and truly makes you feel like you are reliving your wedding day when you watch their work. The Toy Box Studio family is the dream team. You will not regret working with them! Thank you Toy Box!


Ian did a fantastic job with our wedding video! We were really debating whether or not we wanted to even get a video but ultimately decided we’d probabky regret not having one. After seeing the beautiful video, we are so glad to decided to have one and work with Toy Box studios. The video really captured the mood and heart of the day!


These guys are top notch. From the start of the day, I can tell they work hard to accurately tell the story of the entire wedding day, while not intruding on the personal time and intimate nature of a wedding day. Their documentary style of recording real moments as they occur, and not staging anything, is where they truly shine. It can be hard when you have 5 people (photographers and videographers) to feel like you're not just starring in a movie about your wedding vs. having your wedding truly captured in a beautiful video. As a photographer, I can say these are the best guys I have worked with, and they produce incredible footage. If you're on the fence, as a wedding vendor myself, and I can tell you unequivocally, you won't regret hiring Toy Box!

bride and groom wedding day video.jpg

About us:

Ian Rushing has been professionally telling stories for over 25 years. He's a son, ahusband, a father, and understands how important the memories made at weddings can be!

- Timeless Moments: We're about capturing memories that even your grandkids will want to watch (and not just to poke fun at the fashion)!

- Pin-Sharp Detail: Our audio obsession means you'll hear every vow, laugh, and even the discreet teary-sniffles, crystal clear.

- Storytelling outside the box: Because your love story isn't a copy-paste job. It's unique, and your video should be too!


Want to know how we can make a wedding video that's actually worth watching – more 'wow', less 'why did we bother?'!

We can't wait to hear a little about your love story, and help with your wedding any way we can. Sign up below to get a free link to some of our favorite wedding day poses!

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